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Why Having a Website is Crucial for Your Business Success

Entrepreneurs may be missing out on millions of customers and money due to the divide between small businesses and the rising number of customers who judge brick-and-mortar enterprises primarily on their online presence. “If a corporation or small business doesn’t have an online presence, they are missing a big chunk of the population that could be purchasing at their store,” said Bridget Weston Pollack, vice president of marketing for SCORE.

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The following services You need to offer:


According to research by Verisign, 88 percent of U.S. small companies with websites concur that having one has made it simpler for clients to locate them. Customers today frequently do searches on computers, tablets, and smart phones. They may locate your business and learn about it and the services it offers whenever and wherever they want to thanks to a website.

Content is crucial in today’s competitive online search market. In order to better fulfil user searches today, Google has updated its algorithms. This includes rewarding websites that give users useful material and a positive user experience. This implies that in order to avoid losing out on potential customers who are seeking for a good or service that your company provides, your website must appear in the search results.


You can establish a presence for your company on social media, but the platform has limitations in terms of design, workflow, and technology. Small companies may gain flexibility, control, branding, and credibility with the use of a website. Eighty-four percent of consumers in the United States think a company having a website is more trustworthy than one with merely a social media presence. A website may help gain credibility and draw in new clients.


The capacity of your firm to acquire new customers frequently determines ongoing business success. It may be highly expensive and unreliable to reach thousands of individuals using solely conventional marketing techniques like direct mail or print advertising. By going online, you may increase your local or global reach while spending less for the publicity. You can even track the precise outcomes. In fact, a website is a wonderful method to attract new clients, according to 77% of U.S. small companies.

Additionally, a website may be used to enhance customer service for those who already shop with you.


A lot of small firms want to grow their client base and extend their market share. A website allows you the opportunity to “hand your card out” to thousands of people online, even if face-to-face encounters can be significant and business frequently originates via word-of-mouth. You may sell goods online and ship them to clients practically anywhere in the globe with an e-commerce site. If you find that clients in a nearby city or state are interested in your services, you may decide to expand your service area and open regional offices. In fact, 81 percent of small businesses in the United States claim that having a website has aided in business expansion. You can reach more prospective clients by having a website.


According to a recent Verisign analysis, 93% of American shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase. Customers desire information about the products they buy and the vendors they deal with. Without a website, you run the danger of losing clients to companies who are currently utilizing the internet market. Your rival has an obvious edge if you are in direct rivalry with another company that has a website, especially if they are successfully promoting it. An online presence helps level the playing field.

According to 84 percent of U.S. small companies polled by Verisign, having a website is crucial or significant to their operation.


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