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Hi! we appreciate your visit to our website. The following are the terms and conditions of Encloudment Inc. and its subsidiaries’ privacy policies, including, but not limited to, MM Industries, LLC & Fiber Business Broadband (conjointly known as “Encloudment”, “our”, “we”). Our online platform www.encloudment.com provide a broad range of facilities, products and services, including retail services, licensed and customized content and media facilities, networking tools, web repositories, managerial facilities, download sections, advertisements, activities and details, any or all of which can be accessible by a number of means (that are referred to as our “site” and “sites”). The term “you” and “your” refers to your subsidiaries, affiliates, employees and parent or legal guardian. Before continuing using our services and site please read the terms and conditions carefully. By using our site, you agree to be bound by these terms, and become a party to them. You acknowledge and agree that you have the right on behalf of the party or individual you serve to enter into such terms. You therefore consent to accept that those conditions are accepted by all consumers who obtain access to our services from you. If you do not comply with any of these criteria, please do not proceed in using our site or services.


As a telecommunication agent, we sell our services to small and large businesses. We are not a provider of telecommunications, and are not responsible for providing such services. We can, at any time and for any reason, change, suspend, cancel or delegate our Facilities in whole or in part, without notification. Our Services may sometimes become inaccessible due to repair or failure of computer equipment or for other unforeseen reasons. You need to have a computer, a device and a stable internet connection which can allow you to navigate our site.


We grant you a restricted, exclusive, non-exclusive, non-transferable, anti-sub licensable, revocable right, subject to these Terms and to any other arrangement between you and us, to use our services solely in the manner allowed by us and for your own, non-commercial use. Your right to use our Products is instantly terminated if you breach these terms and conditions. We update our services occasionally to enhance our services. You accept that all other upgrades or changes must refer under those Terms. The mentioned terms are not intended to sell in any way our services or selling of a similar kind in any aspect of our services and we and our partners and vendors hold all rights, ownership and equity in our services. We reserve all rights not expressly granted under these terms.

Information Distribution

On approving to receiving our information, you hereby agree to: