Encloudment Inc. was founded by telecoms tech entrepreneurs who previously worked in the SMB sector for telecommunications services, cyber security services, and software development, developing innovative business strategies for SMB and enterprise customers.

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We’ve established a managed IT service portfolio that enables us to effectively alter or evolve our customers’ capabilities, as well as a worldwide systems delivery platform that can be used to plan, implement, and operate any technological solution seamlessly.

1.Internet Services

Get super-fast fiber Internet access for your business with the features you need to stay in touch with clients, business partners, suppliers, and employees.

AT&T Internet for Business offers super-fast fiber Internet access with the capabilities you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers, and workers. AT&T Business Fiber is now half the price of cable: a price savings of up to 53% from prior ABF pricing. Upload speed is 20 times faster than cable (35 Mbps).

Comcast Business Internet

Comcast Business Internet is as dedicated to your success as you are. Having fast and convenient internet to run all of your devices is the first step in your solution. With technology that has the support of industry experts to keep you prepared and safe. Additionally, there is a customer support line open around-the-clock so you may get assistance.

AT&T Dedicated Internet offers a dedicated symmetrical Internet connection with broad reach across the United States (including Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands) for your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Spectrum Business Internet

Take advantage of Spectrum Business Internet to get a competitive edge. With no data limits or speed throttling, you can increase productivity and rely on unlimited bandwidth to support all of your business devices.

Internet service

2.Voice Services

From basic phone services to advanced cloud-based “as a service” voice solutions, we’ve got you covered.

AT&T Phone is a managed IP-based network that provides digital voice services. AT&T Phone offers exceptional sound quality and reliability, and also the opportunity to use your existing office phones, as well as cost savings and classic features. 

Spectrum Business Voice

With Spectrum Business Voice, there is no need for a new telephone number or phone equipment. And you’ll benefit from having all your services from a single provider—all on one invoice.

AT&T Office@Hand

AT&T Office@Hand is a cloud-based IP corporate communication service that allows employees to work virtually anywhere, connect effortlessly on almost any device, and collaborate more effectively while saving money.


We’ve partnered with RingCentral to transform how businesses communicate using the cloud. RingCentral empowers today’s mobile and distributed workforces to connect on any device, anywhere, at anytime.

3.4G/5G Wireless Services

In practically any situation, being a part of America’s best network* may help keep your business going forward. Our gadgets and services are designed to help you improve your employees’ day-to-day efficiency and the way they connect with your customers by allowing them to be more flexible and productive.

AT&T Fixed Wireless

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet is a high-speed Internet access service that offers at least 10Mbps download speeds. Only available in a few rural places in the United States. A monthly data capacity of 350GB is included in the Fixed Wireless Internet Plan.

AT&T Wireless Broadband

AT&T Wireless Broadband offers a cost-effective network alternative for mission-critical applications, a diversified data backup solution, and a rapid deployment option for new and remote sites. 

AT&T Mobile Plans

Choose the correct plan for each line – each Unlimited Your Way for Business plan group can have up to 10 lines. All plans include unlimited data*, call and text, and, where available, 5G/ 5G+ services.

AT&T Business Data Advantage

Work from home option that is cost-effective and has predictable billing. Easily share data to stream video and any other applications. No worries of overage charges. Use as a primary or backup. Use for pop up locations or on the go.


4.Fax Solutions

Faxes are delivered directly to your email Inbox with AT&T Online Fax, eliminating the need for a second phone line. Take your faxes with you wherever your work takes you. Then it’s probably time to retire your old fax machine and switch to AT&T Online Fax – Encrypted.

Fax 300 Plan

300 in sent or received faxes every month for $10.

Fax 600 Plan

600 in sent or received faxes every month for $20.

Encrypted 300 Plan

300 in sent or received faxes every month for $13.

Encrypted 600 Plan

600 in sent or received faxes every month for $25.


Mobility is more than simply a phone for small businesses.

AT&T Unlimited Your Way

Save money by selecting plans that best suit each member and paying just for what your team need. All plans include unlimited data*, call and text, and, where available, 5G/ 5G+ services.

AT&T Business Mobile Preferred

A strategy created with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Unlimited domestic data, call, and text are included. Unlimited conversation between the United States and Canada and Mexico. Unlimited texting from the United States to over 120 countries. And there’s more…

Mobile Share Plus for Business

ZERO CONCERNS. There are no overage costs for call, text, or data. Everything is included in one plan. Data Packs are offered as an add-on. Reduced speeds apply when all high-speed data amounts (including any optional Data Packs) have been used.

AT&T Mobile Select—Pooled Plans

The Data Pool’s Power Stay connected and productive while taming overages and wrangling unnecessary underuse. Within the same data pool, mix and match devices, plans, and data allotments.


6.Anti Virus

McAfee Endpoint Protection with AT&T is a software-as-a-service solution that protects PCs, laptops, and servers from viruses, targeted assaults, spyware, and other threats. Protects Windows and macOS, scales from 1 to 500 users, and includes 24×7 Tech Support. Always on, always up to date; automated, transparent updates and upgrades to all users; installed and managed through the cloud; and includes 24×7 Tech Support. The following are the security benefits:

Powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence

This security solution combines virus, spyware, browser, and firewall protection into a single package.

Ransomware Protection

Limits access to folders in the case of a ransomware attack, reducing the amount of damage.

Stops Dangerous Downloads

Detects and Filters Dangerous Downloads and preventing them from being downloaded.

Web Filtering for Endpoint

Prevents dangers by allowing or disallowing access to harmful or questionable websites.

7.Remote IT Services

Who has time to solve technological issues? Do what you do best: manage and expand your company. Allow Tech360 to serve as your “virtual” IT department, providing solutions to assist you to enhance efficiency and productivity. Focus on your company as Tech360 takes care of your IT needs.

Tech360 Small Office

Remote IT assistance for up to 5 users/computers with Tech360 Small Office. Each user registers one PC or Mac, as well as one smartphone and one tablet. All users have access to an unlimited number of linked devices. ETFs are available for a 12-month period.

Tech360 Premium Plus

Tech360 Advanced plus Backup & Go Premium With limitless cloud storage, you may get remote IT assistance and data backup. Computer with a single user. Monthly billing, no term, and no ETF.

IT Protection Plus

3 services = Advanced (remote IT), Backup and Go (data backup), and 1 McAfee Endpoint Protection license. Monthly billing, no term, and no ETFs.

Backup & Go

Cloud data backup for 1 PC with unlimited storage and 30–60-day file restoration. Monthly billing, no term, and no ETF.

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