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Experience lightning-fast and dependable wireless internet with AT&T Wireless Broadband. Stay connected on the go with our powerful hotspot, powered by our robust cellular network.

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What is AT&T Wireless Broadband?

AT&T Wireless Broadband offers a dependable wireless internet connection through our robust cellular network. It is an excellent solution for businesses seeking primary internet service, temporary connectivity at new or remote locations, or a reliable backup to their main connection.

Experience the strength of Wireless Broadband for your critical data needs. Whether it's dedicating your network to vital business apps, connecting remote locations, or serving as a reliable backup, we've got you covered. Choose from various data speed options to unleash the full potential of your business.

Choose the right speed for your business

Enjoy the advantage of an AT&T Business Fast Track allowance included in all plans. This exclusive feature ensures that your important business data receives priority treatment at no extra cost, even during peak network usage.


Unlimited data


Up to 100Mbps speed

$95 /mo. plus taxes and fees

Features & Benefits

  • Includes 50GB AT&T Business Fast Track allowance2
  • Fixed monthly rate with no overage charges
  • 5G/5G+ access3


Unlimited data


Up to 50Mbps speed

$75 /mo. plus taxes and fees

Features & Benefits

  • Includes 30GB AT&T Business Fast Track allowance2
  • Fixed monthly rate with no overage charges
  • 5G/5G+ access3


Unlimited data


Up to 25Mbps speed

$65 /mo. plus taxes and fees

Features & Benefits

  • Includes 15GB AT&T Business Fast Track allowance2
  • Fixed monthly rate with no overage charges
  • 5G/5G+ access3

Stay connected with AT&T Wireless Broadband while enjoying the following features:

Data Speeds: Please note that AT&T may temporarily reduce data speeds if the network is busy. The thresholds for reduced speeds are as follows:

  • 100Mbps plan: After 175GB of usage
  • 50Mbps plan: After 125GB of usage
  • 25Mbps plan: After 100GB of usage

Discounted Price: Take advantage of our special pricing after applying the $5/month AutoPay and paperless bill discount.

Feature Allowance: Experience the benefit of our feature allowance, which is available for eligible data originating on and traveling over our AT&T-owned domestic 4G LTE network. While the feature does not prioritize your data ahead of all others, it ensures comparable priority levels without providing access or preemption capabilities. Certain restrictions may apply.

5G Compatibility: Enjoy the benefits of 5G technology with a compatible 5G/5G+ device. Please note that availability may vary by area. Visit att.com/5Gforyou for more information on coverage details.


Discover the Benefits of AT&T Wireless Broadband for Your Business

wireless Internet

Flexible connections

AT&T Wireless Broadband offers flexible solutions for your business, including primary internet service, temporary connectivity, and backup options.

AWB Prioritized data

Prioritized data

In times of network congestion, AT&T Business Fast Track gives qualifying business data on the AT&T network a greater priority.

AWB Pop-up Location

Pop-up locations

Maintain business connectivity at temporary kiosks, special events, trade shows, and farmers markets.

Discover our unwavering commitment to keeping you connected.

Nationwide 5G coverage

Give your business the power of our coast-to-coast 5G/5G+ and LTE coverage.

It is necessary to have a compatible 5G/5G+ device and plan. It is possible that this service is not accessible in your location. 5G+ is only available in a few select cities. For more information on coverage, visit 5Gforyou. Other restrictions apply.

Unlimited data

Keep your business running smoothly with no data caps and no overage charges.

Temporary data speed reductions during busy network times may apply.


Simple self-installation

Connect online without difficulty with a plug-and-play setup and quick connection.


Enjoy consistent monthly costs, lightning-fast speeds, and business data that is given priority.

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Frequently asked questions

AT&T Wireless Broadband is a reliable cellular service that provides essential internet access for small businesses. It offers a flexible alternative to traditional broadband technologies, with affordable plans tailored for business-critical applications like point-of-sale systems and ATM machines. Our wireless broadband plans include unlimited data, an AT&T Business Fast Track allowance, fixed monthly rates with no overage charges, and 5G/5G+ access, all within AT&T’s Acceptable Use Policy.

AT&T Wireless Broadband functions as a reliable wireless internet solution that utilizes a mobile hotspot device or router over our cellular network infrastructure. No wireline construction is needed, but it’s crucial to ensure sufficient in-building cellular coverage at your small business location for optimal performance. Please note that AT&T Wireless Broadband is a data plan only and does not include a mobile hotspot device or router. If you require assistance with purchasing an AT&T hotspot router, you can contact our sales experts at 877.982.2110. You can easily install the SIM card on your device on your own.

AT&T Wireless Broadband provides a reliable wireless internet solution that can greatly benefit your small business. With no special wireline construction required, it’s an excellent option for businesses with pop-up locations such as temporary kiosks, special events, or trade shows. It can also offer additional bandwidth to connect your point-of-sale systems, cloud-based applications, and more.

No, you will need to have a compatible mobile hotspot device or router to wirelessly connect your computer and business devices to the internet. If you require assistance, please call 877-982-2110 to consult with a sales expert.

AT&T Business Fast Track is designed to enhance application performance and optimize business data across the 4G LTE network. This feature improves the performance of critical applications used remotely by small business employees. The feature is accessible for eligible data that originates and travels over AT&T’s own domestic 4G LTE network. However, it does not prioritize your data over all other data and does not provide priority network access or preemption capabilities. Other restrictions may apply.

For optimal performance, it’s essential to have sufficient cellular coverage at your location. Please be aware that cellular coverage is not universally available and cannot be guaranteed in all areas. Additionally, indoor coverage may differ from outdoor coverage. AT&T Wireless Broadband now supports the 5G/5G+ network, but it requires a compatible 5G+/5G+ device and plan. Availability may vary by area, and 5G+ is only accessible in limited parts of select cities. Visit att.com/5Gforyou for coverage details and further restrictions.

Yes, there are some restrictions to consider. AT&T Wireless Broadband is specifically designed for business use and cannot be utilized as a replacement for consumer internet services. Consequently, AWB plans restrict access to entertainment or non-business websites that provide video or audio streaming services. Furthermore, it is not permitted for web hosting or public/guest Wi-Fi purposes.

AT&T Wireless Broadband is available on the AT&T network throughout the United States. To check availability in specific locations, please refer to the AT&T Coverage Map. However, please note that it is exclusively available to small business customers with an AT&T Mobile Business Agreement or eligible legacy AT&T wireless service agreement. The plan is limited to business applications and does not grant access to entertainment or non-business websites that offer video or audio streaming services. Furthermore, it is prohibited to utilize it for entertainment purposes, surveillance video streaming, audio streaming, web hosting, or public guest Wi-Fi.