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AT&T Fiber Internet Versus Vs. Verizon Fios

What’s the best internet provider in your area? AT&T fiber internet? Verizon Fios? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about these two popular providers and what to expect from each one, whether you’re choosing one over the other or just comparing them to see which is better based on your location.


Why Choose ATT Fiber Internet over Verizon?

Have you recently switched to ATT internet service and have been debating whether or not to switch back? If so, your decision will come down to one thing: speed. When comparing ATT fiber internet vs Verizon Fios, it quickly becomes clear that AT&T is just faster in almost every way.

Here’s why AT&T’s faster speed wins every time.
With ATT fiber internet, you get blazing fast speeds that are up to 10x faster than what most providers offer. This means a better online experience, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re streaming movies or just browsing Facebook, your connection is going to stay lightning-fast and reliable every time.

It also doesn’t hurt that it comes with unlimited data—something almost unheard of in today’s market! AT&T also has more options for package deals, so there’s a plan out there for everyone. No matter how many devices you have in your home, ATT can give you enough bandwidth to use them all at once with an unlimited data plan and blazing fast speed. If you need help figuring out which package best fits your needs, our customer service reps can walk you through every option until we find one that works for both of us! Not sure about switching? Don’t worry—you’ll keep AT&T’s great service and blazing speed even if nothing changes.


What’s the difference between AT&T Fiber Internet and Verizon Fios?

Both AT&T and Verizon are two major telecommunication companies that provide internet, television, and telephone services. Comparing these two is essential to ensure you receive exceptional service at an affordable price. Here’s a comparison of each of their services to help you determine which one is right for you. (NOTE: AT&T has acquired DirecTV.)

AT&T is best known for its telephone services, but it also offers internet and television service. AT&T’s standard internet package comes with speeds up to 5000 Mbps. When compared to Verizon, AT&T provides a faster connection at a cheaper price—$60 per month for their symmetrical high-speed internet service versus $79 per month from Verizon. The difference in speed between these two providers is negligible, however; both are capable of streaming 1080p HD video without delay or buffering issues. Both AT&T and Verizon also offer bundled packages that include TV, phone, and high-speed internet.

Although both offer similar services, they each specialize in different types of products. If you’re interested in choosing between AT&T and Verizon, here’s a more detailed comparison of their services. AT&T is known for its phone service; it also offers internet and television service through DirecTV (which it acquired in 2015). The major downside to AT&T is that its customer service receives consistently poor reviews across all three categories: phone, internet, and TV. However, if you use AT&T exclusively for your telecommunications needs—meaning you don’t need to access home security cameras or other smart devices—it may be less expensive than signing up with another provider.


After making a detailed comparison of AT&T fiber internet versus Verizon FiOS, we can confidently say that At&t is hands down superior to Fios. It has faster speeds, it’s cheaper, and it’s more accessible for larger areas. As far as customer service goes: customer support from both ISPs is quite good when compared to its competitors.

 Both AT&T and Verizon excel in customer service, but AT&t fiber stands out for many reasons. When comparing AT&t to other ISPs, it’s clear that it’s the number one choice for internet users. When you take its solid customer service into account, At&t is clearly superior to any other ISP when it comes to high-speed internet access. 

 If you’re still not convinced, give us a call at (877) 982-2110 today and let our customer service team walk you through everything you need to know about AT&T internet service. Our agents are available 24/7 for questions about your ATT internet connection—so what are you waiting for? Talk to us now!

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